3 Crucial Echovox Capture Tips!

Why do some people gain good results from Echovox, while others struggle to produce similar results, not able to clearly hear any coherence or interaction.

Are there any tips to aid with this?

In this article, I will list the three crucial areas to help you access better results from your sessions, while further enhancing your participation in evidence gathering, via the Echovox System.

As we approach the end of 2013, another year coming to a close, and I look back on the research, observations and evidence gathering, I’m pleased with the contribution made – particularly – with the Echovox System.

What have I learned, that I can now pass over to others who are wishing to get involved, and find some personal verification?

Let us explore…..

  1. Know Your Settings.
  2. Open Flexible Mindset.
  3. Post-Session Analysis.

Know Your Settings

I would like to impress upon you, the crucial aspect of knowing your settings. Hands up who, like me, can not be bothered reading instructions, and prefers to just dive right in, to work it all out.

We are all unique in the fact that we have our own strengths, and really, we must set things up, to work with such abilities. Where as one person can leave the speed set to fast, and uniquely hear feedback with ease, others need a slower setting and may even need to wait till post-session for further clarification.

Some people prefer not to have Echo on, and they feel they gain better results in doing such, while others, myself included, enjoy the setting.

It’s a personal preference at times!

Listen, you must work to your abilities and enjoyment, and the only way to this, is experimentation, which then results in you becoming an expert user.

There is a reason why these words are similar! An expert is someone who has experimented – at length – in the chosen area you see.

Start playing around with the speed settings, mic gain, echo function and channels! Remember, what feels good to you, what is easy for you to work with, and what is producing good results is the key!

Open Flexible Mindset

This is a key area, one where many falter or struggle to comprehend. I will not bore you all with quantum physics, the measurement problem or thoughts creating reality by solidifying results.

To simplify, thoughts are energy and measurable frequencies, we can detect and measure thoughts outside the head, this is an absolute scientific fact.

The very act of observing – with focus and intent – can also alter physical matter, it can move the probability of results within parameters too.

So knowing this, you can imagine what a cynical thinking mindset can do to randomised frequencies, and sound waves, you are attempting to measure.

You must clear your thoughts and be very open to the possibilities.

So what are negative thought patterns and dismissive attitudes towards research doing with our data?

Listen, I could go into examples in science where the very act of thinking impacts on results gained in experiments. There are firm reasons why we do double and triple blind experiments.

Clear that mind, be flexible and open, but not in conclusion.

You must heed this part or you will view your results with rose-tinted glasses.

I will go into the deeper areas of this in a future article!

Post-Session Analysis

You must upload the audio to the PC, get it into a program you can listen back with and fully analyse the track.

I use Adobe Audition for this as it has the features I’m looking for, which include the ability to see graphics, slow things down, reverse audio that sounds backwards and isolate sound that stands out.

You may want to use a free program such as Audacity which can still do the job. Just getting it in to the program and fully checking it is the key; what you use to do so, is up to you.

Do you know, you may be throwing out hours of audio that is jam-packed with coherent communication and feedback?

You will hear only a small percentage live! The rest will need further analysis and is where over 80% of your captures will be found! 

These are the three key areas for increasing your ability, and material, when using the Echovox System!

Work on these areas, keep pushing your testing in a consistent fashion, and drop me a message if you wish, let me know how you are progressing.

Lets work together, and help push forward the research and observations of spiritual communication and analysis.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
Contact Ryan:

3 thoughts on “3 Crucial Echovox Capture Tips!”

  1. I have had outstanding results with the Echovox. My YouTube channel has two especially interesting videos where I am having a conversation with the same spirit (Ashley Finch) on two separate occasions. My channel is: Spirits Reach Paranormal.

  2. Hi Steven, I just subscribed to you from my channel and will have a good listen later, my friend. Thank you for the post and letting us know about your positive results so far. Ryan

  3. Thank you for subscribing. I’ll be posting more vids real soon. I’m working on an abandoned cemetery in California. So far I’ve come across 3 very friendly spirits: Liz, Paul, and Kim.
    Thanks to the Echovox I met Liz right away.
    I’ve tried 3 different ways to communicate with the spirit world: voice recorder, SB7, and the Echovox.
    By far, the Echovox is better.
    Thanks again for subscribing to my channel. What’s the name of your channel?

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