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It looks so much fun doesn’t it? The TV aspect of paranormal investigations and the amount of activity reported throughout the usual hour session. Non-stop historical information, theories and action as we sit on the edge of our seat in awe of what is transpiring in front of us. It truly is fantastic entertainment and personally I love getting lost in the excitement but at this, it stops.

You see, I have been both behind the scenes and on real investigations and the difference is night and date, they truly should not be thought as the same.

I have a massive amount of respect for those who work on TV due to the amount of grafting and dedication they put in, I truly refuse to judge them from a research perspective as like mentioned above, it’s completely different purposes at hand. One thing I will say, the amount of hard work put in behind the scenes and stress to deal with, far surpasses that of conducting a paranormal Investigation and research session.

I am well aware of the pounding (from some in the field) towards TV paranormal shows as they look down their nose at the cast members and begin the drama-fest in the open, proclaiming that they are above those Investigators working on-screen, and this is pretty funny! The guys on the screen are doing their best in a situation that’s far removed from the reality of closed cases and controlled environment and that’s just the start. Lets get something straight just now for those wishing to conduct research:

  • TV Investigations are many hours of footage, condensed into a show for the screen
  • The Researchers & Presenters can not control the environment due to production crews need for easy access
  • If something questionable happens, do not blame the on-screen crew, they are doing it in good faith
  • Due to the sheer amounts of people connected and not connected to the production, everything is open to questioning
  • NEVER expect to see the same level of activity in a private research case….NEVER…you will leave this field fast if you do

The way in which Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International (to name a few as I have more connections and info on these) conduct methodologies for the screen, is unique to them. It works for what they wish to achieve and their purpose. It would be advisable to research, study and formulate your own ways of conducting sessions and group or independent research.

My saying is “You were born an original, do not die a copy”

Certainly, check out everything and use parts that you deeply agree with and begin the creation process for yourself, you will then formulate such a good methodology that you can be proud of.

I have had the privilege of working with guys such as Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Phil Whyman, Derek Ogilvie and then have good friendships with people like Barry Fitzgerald while meeting and enjoying the company of Donna Lacroix, Brian Harnois, Andy Andrews and a whole plethora of people who have pushed their passion and tried to progress for and with the field. All these people are kind, respectful and passionate… its pretty damn horrid when you see keyboard hard dudes bashing them without so much as meeting them and getting to know them.

I shall never forget a cold winters morning down in England outside the hotel when Yvette & Karl came outside and gave me a big hug and thanked me for working with them. The kindest oozed from them and I felt pretty sad that I may never personally work with them again, as we went our own ways…me back to Scotland to continue my work with Scottish Paranormal, Antix productions back to the office as they planned their next adventure.

Two separate ways to work in the field you see, they can kriss-cross but they aint the same.

So spare a thought as you watch the minefield out there, as people get on the backs of these on-screen investigators without knowing whats going on behind the scenes, without personally knowing the people and typing what ever comes to mind from behind the screen.

Then think carefully about the reasons why you want to get into the field or where you want to go in the field! Remember, they are separate areas!!

Let me know your thoughts, comment below or join the FB page and, if you wish, even drop me an email.

Take Care x

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