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We welcome you to Haunted Scotland, the home of Scottish Paranormal, who have Haunted Scotlandinvestigated claims of all things mysterious – and spooky – from within the proud historical nation of Scotland for over 14 years.

Haunted Scotland is a paranormal news & resource site that deals with all things mysterious from within Scotland. We retell the historical stories behind the local paranormal sightings; we share tutorials for the public to get involved and the Scottish Paranormal Team – an unincorporated association – provide talks, events & share their findings right here for everyone to freely access.

Haunted ScotlandThe information within this site has been personally collected by The Scottish Paranormal Team.

Whether it be Edinburgh’s underground where many a mischievous character loitered before & after death – or the lonely castles that now sit in ruin due to centuries of battle and harsh Scottish weather – you will be well aware that Scotland, has a rich history of spooky tales and everyday reports of unseen spirit energies.

Haunted ScotlandPlease feel free to use the navigation bar menu above to access everything from SP TV to local paranormal news reports, ghost stories and, of course, our extensive collection of videos and audio.

Scottish Paranormal is legally set up as an unincorporated association and currently has four committee members and a research team. They are fully insured (Public liability) and openly work with the public to raise awareness of Scotlands history, tourism and the protection of our historic locations. All documents are available upon request to the committee!

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Haunted Scotland
The testimonial page for the work of Haunted Scotland & Scottish Paranormal. You will find testimonials received for work done under the stewardship of Ryan, whether this be with IPI, Scottish Paranormal or Haunted Scotland.
Included are personal testimonials from readers or visitors which shall be updated at regular intervals.

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Whenever we complete an investigation, charity event, overnight public event or participate in a festival, we freely provide online videos for the public to access and enjoy.

We want to show you exactly where we have been, what we have discovered and how you can take part in the future so as to gain your own personal experience of Haunted Scotland’s most active paranormal locations.

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Haunted Scotland Recommended Events

Haunted ScotlandWe take the utmost care to ensure that all public access events listed here are safe, factual in historical Information & activity witness reports, and can provide the public – who are the main focus for events – with good value and resulting unique experiences.

Haunted Scotland – and The Scottish Paranormal Organisation – are committed to a ‘Service-to-others’ approach in all dealings with the public, charities or organisations. We hold integrity and positive intentions as our key values at all times. We will not list anyone’s event that does not meet this!

As part of fundraising for locations such as Balgonie Castle – & Other Historic buildings – Haunted ScotlandScottish Paranormal will be running various public sessions to support the above. Prices are kept at a minimum – as a non profit organisation – so as not to exclude any member of the public while also providing much-needed funds to our Scottish locations.

Any funds above and beyond are invested into the association for running costs and expenses and controlled by the committee on behave of the organisation. As a voluntary group, Scottish Paranormal is non-profit, and the Individual committee members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations.

Scottish Paranormal are here to serve the public with information from research, community meet-ups and workshops; and take personal pride in their professionalism within this field of study.

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Haunted ScotlandHaunted Scotland

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