Whether it be Edinburgh’s underground where many a mischievous character loitered before and after their death - or the lonely castles that now sit in ruin due to centuries of battle and harsh Scottish weather – you will be well aware that Scotland, has a rich history of spooky tales and everyday reports of unseen energies.

The information within this site has been personally collected by Paranormal Researcher, Observer, and Investigator into the mysteries, Ryan O’Neill.

He welcomes you to study, contemplate, and follow his work both past and present while keeping your mind open to everything but attached to nothing.
Only when you personally experience the paranormal do you really understand the gravity of the subject, and if you are on this very site, it would be guessed you know what is meant by this.

Please do visit regularly; this on-line site will have the very latest from Scotland and beyond, which will include opportunities to join Ryan on location for overnight vigils, and audio sessions that will blow your mind…..LIVE!

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Haunted Scotland Ghost Events is a new project to continue the work completed as part of a joint venture between Ryan O’Neill & Mark Turner at Ghost Events Scotland. Mark has decided to hang up his paranormal tools – and we wish him the very best in his journey – so rather than lose the excellent feedback, excitement, and progression of the community who desire more location access, we have decided to continue right here at Haunted Scotland.

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Do you want to experience real Investigation into the paranormal, guided by researchers with in excess of 20 years of experience. Providing you will the opportunity to not only access Scotland’s Most Haunted locations, but to go away with skills you can use on your own?

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The testimonial page for the work of Haunted Scotland owner Ryan O’Neill. You will find testimonials received for work done under the stewardship of Ryan, whether this be with IPI, Scottish Paranormal or Haunted Scotland. Included, are personal testimonials from readers or visitors which shall be updated at regular intervals.




Ghost Voices Research: Echovox

Haunted Scotland looks at the increasingly interesting area of on-site live audio interaction, allegedly communicating with spirits or non-physical energies. This is achieved using either modified fast scanning radio device, or the Echovox application, prompting manipulation by any alleged spiritual beings.

In the video play-list below, you will find a whole host of such captures, to explore at your leisure. All future work will be placed under the Ghost Voices section.


Haunted Scotland Probes Both Historical Haunts and Local Tales

Probing Scotland’s Historical Figures & Locations
In the coming months, here at Haunted Scotland, we will be probing the Haunted History of Scotland. We will follow in the footsteps of the Jacobites, seek out locations associated with King Robert The Bruce, scramble across the country in search of Mary Queen of Scots and finally, lookout for the outlaw and national hero, William Wallace and his locations of interest.We want to see if the conscious energies of these long gone physical figures still frequent their past locations of interest.
Come join us in the search, right here at Haunted Scotland!!